Flown to Iowa City ICU

Natalie Diane was born February 15, 2004.  The first 2 years of her life in doctors offices and hospitals seeking a diagnosis and cure for severe hearing/visual impairment and seizures.  The diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease did not come with a cure.

She couldn’t walk or sit up, but she could smile. She couldn’t speak, but she could laugh.  Our beautiful girl was loved and cherished by family, friends, doctors, and nurses.
Christmas of 2009, based on medical advice, we had to accept that her miracle was not to be found.

Natalie started her new life in Heaven January 6, 2010.

Overwhelmed by Natalie’s funeral expenses, a search for assistance was started. Natalie had a wish from a national wish-granting organization that was never granted. When contacted after her death, they stated that their scope does not include funeral expenses… so Natalies wish expired.

An idea began to form…a nonprofit foundation that helps pay funeral expenses for children.

The Sing Me to Heaven Foundation was established to assist grieving families in Iowa with funeral expenses. The IRS approved our 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity status in July of 2011.  45-2232017


Scope:  Death Certificate is required   –  20 weeks gestation – 18 years